Sullivan's Skin and Hair Conditioner

          Sullivan's Clear Choice Shampoo
  • The ultimate in livestock shampoos
  • PH blanced for livestock skin and hair
  • Cuts dirt and grim deep into hair coats
  • Plant based
  • Made from natural organic resources
  • Biodegradable
  • Rinses out easily
  • Infused with Vita hair (TM) nourishing vitamin package
  • Contains Biotin, ProVitamin B-5 and Vitamin E

  Bathe all your livestock quickly with the concentrated plan-based shampoo. Clear choice
  is formulated with the purest grade of naturally organic, plant based agriculture resources and  is
  pH balanced; cutting dirt and grim deep into hair coats and allows hair to seperate with ease.
             Qt and Gallon sizes 

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