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St. Hedwig, TX

We understand the enjoyment of life on the farm and are happy to offer products to assist you in your farming operation. Whether you tend to a large cattle herd or a backyard flock we have products and knowledge to help you achieve your goals. We can help you keep your farm or barn in top shape and keep your animals safe too. Visit our store in St. Hedwig, TX or shop online today and we’ll help you find the best farm and ranch supplies for your operation.

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Livestock Feeders

Galvanized Livestock Feeders

Wind Vane Mineral Feeders

Bunk Feeders

Hay Racks

Hay Rings

Free Standing 6' and 11' Hay Racks

Baby Pig Feeders

Cattle Feeders

Sheep & Goat Feeders

Horse Feeders'

Deer Feeders

Hanging Feeders

Poultry Feeders

Stock Tanks


 The Hastings Round Stock Tanks are made without a protruding flange at the bottom of the tank to avoid damage by livestock.

Squeeze Chutes

The standard deluxe Tuff Squeeze Chute adjusts from 16" to 32" with parallel sides,

both side come in evenly so cattle are not pushed over. It has full open side for maximum

room, featuring a quick advance butt-bar-to help move animals forward to head gate.

Automatic Reset Head Gate

Be-Fold "Slick" Door

Butt Bar

Smooth Open/Close Drop Blinder Bars

Parallel Axis Sides

Palpation Cage

Ribbed Checker-Plate Floor

Optional Item:

   Removeable Brisket Bar-to keep  

   cows from kneeling

Water Storage Tanks

Large Plastic Water Storage Tanks

Above ground tank that are ideal for multi-purpose use including storing safe, potable drinking water, rainwater harvesting and collection, long-term storage of water, an emergency backup supply of drinking water, fire suppression and protection of farm irrigation. 

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Please visit our store in St. Hedwig, TX to see our selection of available ranch supplies.

Squeeze Chutes

squeeze shute

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