Natural Tips for Fighting Weeds

It is that time again! Warm weather is finally here, and the blooming flowers and green grass are good reminders that it’s time to start thinking about ways to fight weeds. There are many natural tips for fighting weeds so that you are not only saving your plants, but you are also helping save the earth. A few ways to naturally fight weeds include pulling, mulching, and using eco-friendly sprays. Read on to learn more about the best ways to naturally fight weeds.

In order to be a good gardener you must know how to protect all your plants from weeds. One way to fight weeds naturally is mulching. Mulching is effective because it not only prevents weeds and certain plants from growing in your garden; it is also a great soil amendment. Mulching adds nutrients to your soil over time, which keeps your plants cool and moist. There are multiple ways to create your own mulch or buy some from your local nursery or hardware store. Many gardeners prefer to use pine needles and leaf mulches, hay or straw mulches, wood chips, or pebbles. A great mulch combination is to first lay cardboard down, and then add compost and leaves on top. This process is called sheet mulching and works better than just leaves alone. Over time the sheet mulch will break down, and plants will grow through it, but it will continue to prevent weeds for a full season or longer. Another great way to mulch is to use a technique called ‘undersowing.’ To use this technique you must use a living mulch or green manure. This mulching will not only prevent weeds from growing, but it is full of nitrogen fixers that will enhance the quality of your soil.

Another alternative is to use organic weed killers. Two major all-natural weed killers are salt and vinegar. If you combine dish detergent with vinegar or water, you have a good household weed-killer that is better for the ecosystem than chemical sprays. For a stronger weed-killer, pour vinegar directly onto the weed’s roots. You can also try mixing salt water together in a spray bottle and spraying it directly onto the weeds. However, be careful because salt can sterilize your soil so do not use it near your garden, but it’s great on sidewalks and patios.

The final and oldest way to naturally fight weeds is pull them out with your bare hands or use a hoe if you have back problems. Remember to pull the plant and its roots out so that you prevent future weeds from growing. Everyone has a different opinion about which approach to naturally fighting weeds works the best and why, however it is something that gardeners must discover for themselves. These simple methods save you money and help protect the environment for future gardeners!

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