Sportsman's Choice® Record Rack® BAM Big Antler Mineral™

Sportsman's Choice

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  • Irresistible Berry Aroma: Deer can smell this from miles away. Lure them in and keep them coming back!
  • Flavor Deer Can't Resist: The smell draws them in, but the TASTE keeps them coming back for more! BAMTM includes a proprietary nutrient formulation that delivers a unique and consistent blend of ingredients that ensures maximum palatability and consumption.
  • Improved Antler Production: BAMTM is heavily fortified with trace minerals at levels found to improve antler production and total herd health. 
  • Increased Water Consumption: BAMTM has higher levels of salt to encourage more water consumption.

Feeding Directions


Just open up the bag of Record Rack® Big Antler MineralTM supplement, pour and BAM! Place mix directly on the ground or in mineral feeders. Place mineral near trails, rubs or watering spots. Or, simply pour mineral on a rock or log close to trails and feeding areas.

CAUTION: This product contains added copper and should not be fed to sheep or related species that have a low tolerance to copper. Consumption of this product by sheep may result in copper toxicity.

CAUTION:  Do not feed wet or moldy product as it may cause illness and even death.  Store Record Rack® Big Antler MineralTM supplements in a cool, dry environment.

WARNING: The Feeding and Baiting of Wild Deer is Prohibited in Some Regions. Consult Local Laws and Regulations Before Using this Product.


Guaranteed Analysis

Nutrient Min. Max.
Calcium 12.5% 13.5%
Phosphorus 3.0% -
Salt 56.0% 61.0%
Sodium 22.0% 26.0%
Cobalt 30 ppm -
Copper 600 ppm -
Cobalt 30 ppm -
Iodine 46 ppm -
Manganese 2,300 ppm -
Selenium 10 ppm -
Zinc 2,400 ppm -

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