Merck Ultra Saber™ Pour-On Insecticide


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Containing 1% lambda-cyhalothrin synergized with 5% piperonyl butoxide, ULTRA SABER POUR-ON INSECTICIDE controls lice and horn flies on beef cattle and calves.

For season-long control of horn flies and lice in beef cattle with one application.1
Ready to use pour-on.1
Contains piperonyl butoxide (PBO), which is a synergist that enhances insecticidal activity.2
The combination of PBO and lambda-cyhalothrin results in strong, longer activity.
Provides rapid knockdown of flies and reduction in fly pressure – from 99% to 87% reduction for 8 weeks.1
ULTRA SABER POUR-ON INSECTICIDE should be used as part of an integrated pest management system with the use of other pest control practices.


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