Show-Rite Rite Tyme (10-lb. Pail)

Show Rite

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Rite Tyme is a high-protein top-dress designed to add lean muscle shape and intensify definition while developing high-quality health and immunity in show lambs. If that isn’t enough, Rite Tyme will also assist in tightening hide on the lambs to give you that sleek show ring look, with a fuller muscle that will stay more hydrated.


Crude Protein, min 40.0%
Crude Fat, min 1.0%
Crude Fiber, max 5.0%
Calcium 1.9 – 2.4%
Neutral Detergent Fiber, max 6.0%
Acid Detergent Fiber, max 5.0%
Phosphorus, min 0.5%
Methionine, min 10.5%
Potassium, min 1.10%
Lysine, min 1.2%
Vitamin C, min 8,000 IU/lb.
Vitamin D, min 640 IU/lb.
Vitamin E, min 800 IU/lb.
Selinium, min 2.0 ppm
Thiamine, min 3,528 mg/lb



Refer to the product tag for a complete list of ingredients.


Sheep/Goats: Top dress with daily ration at the rate of 2 ounces per head per day. Always supply a source of fresh, clean water.

Hubbard does not use “Restricted-use Proteins” in their products and is in compliance with FDA and state requirements regarding the use, handling and storage of “Restricted-use Protein” products.

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