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Black Velvet is designed specifically for cattle hair. Black Velvet hair dye turns grey, red-tinted or faded hair into a beautiful jet-black color. Black Velvet infuses the hair with more softness, body and incredible shine.

Very easy to use. Apply at home to clean, dry hair. You will need three to four kits of Black Velvet for a
1,000 pound animal. For long lasting beauty and color, Black Velvet is truly brilliant.

STEP 1 … Mix 4 to 6 kits equal parts Dye (black bottle) and equal parts Activator (red bottle) into a
pump-up sprayer, spray bottle or a blower fogger (set spray setting on mist NOT stream). Add a splash of Kleen Sheen if desired.

STEP 2 … Shake Well

STEP 3 … Apply half evenly across the hair coat and comb in with a Smart Comb. Then spray the rest
where more is needed. Apply heavier amounts to the more excessive brown areas.

STEP 4 … Leave the dye in the hair for 20-30 minutes. 35 minutes MAX (if the temperature is warmer,
place animal under a fan) Never leave animal under direct sunlight while dye is applied.

STEP 5 … Once time is up, rinse entire body until water runs clear. Make sure to get under the tail, belly
and between legs, these are the
sensitive areas.

STEP 6 … Use Vita Hair Volumizer shampoo to remove any solution left behind. Gently scrub entire calf especially the sensitive areas. Then rinse.

STEP 7 … Once animal is blown completely dry use Revive or Revive Lite to condition the hair, maximiz-
ing the full brilliant black color of Black Velvet.

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